Missouri Senate Resolution
 No. 55,
Adopted April 17, 1961

Appears to be a "docket entry"-only notation, appearing at page 8, and offered by Senators Frieze, Hopfinger, McNeal, Reller, Pentlaud, Blackwell, Johnson (15th Dist), Hilsman, Tinnin, Mackie, Kinney, Avery, Hill, Woolsey, Keating, Curtis, Kelly. Coleman, Jayne, Johnson (24th Dist.), Vonlandingham, Jones, Patterson and Cox.


(With reference to Resolution #51)

Urging the Senator from McDonald County to abandon the idea of creating a 51st state and assuring said county that in the future they will be given proper recognition in published resort maps.   4/17/61

NOTE: The Missouri State Archives reports on January 6, 2010, that they were unable to locate the actual copy of Resolution 55.  Like many entries made by a judge in a case file, which are simply handwritten notations in the docket sheet, this may have been the only notation of said resolution, and no "hard copy" appears to have been drawn up.

Reference:  See page 8, Senate Resolutions (large hardbound) Volume: 1961, 71st General  Assembly , 40A/2/6  Bk 13527

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