Elected Officials of
 McDonald Territory, Missouri
A Provisional Government

April 12, 1961

President, Z.L. McGowan    Photo   Link to Photo 2  Link to Photo 3

Vice-President, Dan M. Harmon²  Photo   Link to Photo 2

Secretary of State, Lee Aaron Bachler  Photo

Secretary of Labor, Bob Nichols

Secretary of Treasury, Roslyn Gorske Photo

Attorney General, Robert (Bob) E. Yocum   Photo

Secretary of the Interior in Charge of Indian Affairs, J. Olin Armstrong

Secretary of Health, Dr. J.S. Adams °

Press Secretary, Ralph "Windy" Pogue¹

Postmaster General, Walter R. Arndt    Photo   Arndt's Writings on the Web

Executive Vice-President in Charge of Grievances, Claude D. "Butch" Wyatt, aka C.D. Wyatt

* Gorske's name is also reported as Gorski in the 1962 edition of the McDonald County Courthouse Directory and Buyer's Guide;
24 pages, found at the Western Historical Manuscript Collection, University of Missouri-Rolla, Shelf R785, compiled by R.C. Mosbaugh of Noel, Mo.

To view a redacted size scan of the inside cover of this manuscript, where the information appeared, go here.

¹ A Tulsa World story of April 12, 1961 identifies Raymond Mosbaugh (R.C.) as press secretary to the President, as does the McDonald County Press,
 with Mosbaugh noted as being the Personal Press Secretary to the President.
 Thus, Pogue appears to have been the Press Secretary for McDonald Territory itself, while Mosbaugh served as secretary for McGowan himself. 

² Harmon later served as Mayor of Noel and as President of "the territorial provisional government of McDonald" in 1962, as reported in the Lawrence Journal-World, 16 April 1962.

° The position Adams served in was also referred to as "public health director" by the Tulsa World article. It was also referred to as Director of Health and Welfare by the McDonald County Press..

The above listing of McDonald Territory officials was originally published in The McDonald County Press, April 13, 1961, Special Secession Issue, "Territorial News" Page.

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