Best site w/ a fast directory of websites: Without compare...

Free stuff from the internet: A superlink

A virtual reference desk!

Link to obtain information about how to secure copies of Marriage Records and Divorce or Birth Certificates, Death Certificates for the entire United States and territories; Bureau of Vital Statistics' URLs:

Location tool/search addresses:
The National Address Server.

Computer or Internet terms got you befuddled? Get answers at

Need to translate English to Spanish, English to French, vice versa, etc.? go to
Alta Vista's unique translation site; a great tool!

The Association for Children for the Enforcement of Support (ACES), founded by Geraldine Jensen, has a page at She served on the President's Interstate Commission on Child Support Enforcement.

A great resource for me for self-help law [which I do not encourage, see disclaimer at bottom of page; but a lot of you ask information on this topic] is from Nolo Press, which has a page at

Link page for all types of law from Cornell University
Legal Information Institute.

A site for free legal advice and information, voted most useful legal site for consumers, by USA Today:

Here's a link to the U.S. House of Representative's
Internet Law Library; Domestic Relations and Children subpage.

Super cool web browser that doesn't eat up your hard drive for space; I love NEOPLANET!  

Do you need a way to view documents made with Word 97, but don't have that program? If you are running Windows95/98, you can download Microsoft's Word 97 Viewer. It is an essential utility and it's freeware! Go to Microsoft's download page here.

PACKAGE TRACKING: Tools for those of us that send a lot of USPS Express Mail or Federal Express. Clink on either link to go to their respective website to track your packages/overnight mail.

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