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Federal Links and Code of Federal Regulations; UIFSA

Link to the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement's Region VII page. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, they have federal overview of the child support enforcement programs for the states of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa.

Child Support Enforcement Handbook online, as published by the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. You can order this booklet from from Pueblo Info Center, but if you have access to a PC, this version should be adequate.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) So near and dear to those of us that work in the IV-D program... You can do a search by topic, title number or section number, but for both search and to actually view the cites, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, preferably version 3.0 or above. If you do not have Adobe Reader for viewing .pdf files, you will need to obtain that program first before you can access CFR online. It is a free download; click on the Adobe button below.

If you already have an Adobe Acrobat Reader click here for helpful hints on how to search the CFR using the search function.

Here's a good link for information about UIFSA, the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. Gives one a good understanding of this law, and if you are dealing with a situation where several states are involved, you need to be aware of how it all relates to your situation. Knowledge is power!

Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City

Missouri State Government Home Page

If you are looking for the Revised Missouri Statutes, you can get there from here. Of particular interest to many of you who visit this page will be RSMo. Chapters 452 and 454. (Domestic Relations and Child Support) You can also do a "keyword" search of the Missouri Statutes by linking here.
Missouri Department of Social Services Home Page
Missouri Division of Child Support Enforcement Home Page
Missouri's 1998 "Family Access" Act Click here for a special update page. Non-custodial parents with visitation problems may want to read the update.
Coming soon! A link to an exciting new mediation program called M.A.R.C.H., now available to help many Missourians. Be sure to check back for the link on this page as well as for contact information about this program.
Here is a resource that appears to be the ultimate government information webpage; calling itself the "government info portal of the web", and I think they have it right! Go check it out at
The ultimate page for locating Missouri resources: Community Connection

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