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A Hundred Years from Now, ... it will not matter what my bank account was, what sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.

As seen on Oprah!: former divorce attorney Bill Ferguson's website, How to Divorce as Friends.
I recommend this one; it's very useful, even for those who are already divorced. Check it out!
Another good site for information about divorce in general:
Formerly known as the Mining Company, which many of you may recognize-a guidesite for every topic; keeping up their usual good work of screening sites so you don't have to; check out the Divorce Support page.

This next link is dedicated to all you
single moms out there. (Yes, to answer the critics, I know there are single dads out there, too. Consider yourself included. I have an equivalent "" site just below!) This site is a great parenting resource link, especially aimed toward Moms. Moms, I salute you! I know how hard it is to have to work several jobs and juggle finances to raise a family. I hope CyberMom Dot Com might be of some help!

Experts tell us that one of the single most influential factors contributing to crime in the United States is the absence of the father from the home. (The mothers are there, sometimes working three or more jobs to simply survive!) Fathers are absent from American homes in increasingly large numbers for many reasons, abandonment, drug use, and sad to say, sometimes just plain lack of concern. Fathers need to get back into the loop, no matter what it takes. Responsible, loving fathers are needed for children to grow up to the best they can be... the love, financial and emotional support of a father cannot be underestimated! With great ideas for how to be a better father, the ultimate on-line link for fathering comes from the National Center for Fathering.

A great resource for single mothers is
A life management resource site for those going this path alone can be found at

A link to America's
most wanted child support non-payors, for states that post such pictures. Many IV-D agencies will not post pictures of RDS parents*, as the practice is viewed as too controversial and as being politically incorrect. (NOTE: The Missouri agency does not publish such a list.) I have heard that in some states, legislation has been passed requiring IV-D agencies to post such listings...
Are you or a friend in a
domestic violence situation? Need help? Visit the
National Domestic Violence Hotline.
An organization benefiting and encouraging single parents is

What's the 'deal' on private child support collection agencies? Click here to find out.
Are you familiar with newsgroups and USENET? If you don't mind controversy and seeing an occasional profanity or spam, you may want to check out this newsgroup: alt.child-support
You will need a
newsreader program, such as Outlook Express or
Free Agent, to view these messages. PARENTAL ADVISORY: This newsgroup, like most others, is an unmoderated forum, and some of the opinions expressed in this newsgroup should not be read by minors, so be forewarned-I'd suggest you read this one alone. You will be amused and sometimes angered by some of the postings, believe me!