Current Station:


Elecraft K3

Alpha 87A

Force 12 C3 beam at 50 feet

40/80 coax fed dipole at 45 feet

160 meter vertical 108.5 feet tall with 28 radials


The Ham Shack


Old Station:


Kenwood TS-850

Ameritron ALS 600 Solid State Amplifier

LDG AT-1000 Pro Auto Tuner

40/80 Meter Fan Dipole @30ft

Force 12 C3 beam @33ft (10-20M)



Older Station:

Rig: Yaesu FT-857 running 100 watts.


Tuner: LDG AT-1000 Pro Auto tuner.


Amp: Ameritron ALS-600 Solid State


Antennas: G5RV at 35ft, MoonRaker 4 (4 element 10 meter beam) at 40ft, 5/8 wave vertical on 10m at 35ft, Comet G3 (2m/440 dual band vertical) at 30ft.


Elevation: 285ft above sea level.


Portable: US Tower TMM433SS 33 ft crank up tower, Force 12 C3 beam up at 36 ft, dipoles for 40 and 80 meters @ 33 ft