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My intention for this page is to provide information to people who are interested in learning more about ham radio, or becoming licensed hams, in the coverage area of the all-mighty 147.000 repeater. If you are part of a VE team, or a member of a radio club in South Florida, please visit my Club Page and my Exam Schedule page. If your testing session and/or club meeting is not listed, provide me with the proper information and I will gladly add it! 

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You should sign up for the South Florida Hams mail list. This is probably the most active e-mail list for the South Florida area, it will tell you everything you need to know about ham activity and issues for the area. Non-hams are welcome on this list, so if you have any questions feel to post them. Most likely you will get a response in 24 hours or less.  Remember this is a E-MAIL reflector, so you will need to register a yahoo ID with the email address you use the most.  

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Individual pages updated in the past 10 days will be shaded green in the table below. Brand new pages will be shaded red. Pages not updated in the past 10 days will be shaded yellow.

Web Page  Date Comments
Miami-Dade Skywarn Page 04-10-04 Miami-Dade County Skywarn Page, Created By Me!!!
Clubs Page 04-10-04 Times and locations for Amateur Radio Club meetings
Classic Arcade Games Page 04-06-04 A bunch of classic games that run in Java! No need to download anything!!
Late Night Net Roster 03-31-04 Meet the Late Night Net Players
Assorted Links 03-30-04 Various general interest links. Please tell me about broken links!!
SPY WARE PAGE 03-25-04 Detect and get rid of spy ware, download Zone Alarm, and test your firewall!
Projects Page 03-23-04 My various radio related construction projects.
Dinner Page 03-21-04 Sunday night dinner page
Opinions Page 03-21-04 My personal opinions on stuff. Read at your own risk!
Testing Information 03-20-04 Information about testing including how to obtain study materials
Exam Schedule 03-20-04 Times and locations for Amateur Radio testing 
License Classes 03-20-04 Differences in the three Amateur Radio license classes
Archived Jeep Page OLD Robert's Jeep Page. Back by popular demand!


South Florida FM Association - owners of the 147.000 repeater   

The SFFMA is one of the clubs I belong to - and the owner of the 147.000 repeater! Check their page out. Also check out the South Florida FM Association scanner page! You can get more frequencies for your scanner, or add your favorite (non ham) frequency to the database. 

You are invited to the next SFFMA meeting!!

The South Florida FM Association meets on the SECOND MONDAY of each month. Why not show up to the next meeting? Meetings are open to the general public (that means YOU!). The meeting location is the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Headquarters 9400 NW 41 ST. Drive around to the back of the building, use the back entrance. There will be someone at the security window to direct you to the meeting room, just ask where the FM Association meeting is.  

NEXT MEETING IS May 10, 2004, at 7:30 PM

NEW!!! The Dade Radio Club Of Miami now meets the SAME DAY as the SFFMA, at the same location, at 7:00 PM

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Although you might not be able to get on the Late Night Net, you can send e-mail through this page! Your comment might even get read over the air, providing I am on the internet at the time. 

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About Me

I was granted my Technician Class license with the call sign KF4OUI on Feb 04, 1997. On June 14, 2002 I upgraded to Extra Class. I am currently the Treasurer of the South Florida FM Association, Vice President of the Dade Radio Club Of Miami, a SKYWARN spotter, a W5YI Volunteer Examiner, and a member of the American Radio Relay League.

American Radio Relay League

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