Here is a perfect example of what to do when pesky neighbors decide to call Team Metro on you for no reason. The brief summary of the story goes something like this.

Some unknown neighbor called Team Metro on Robert because of an ugly car (the jeep), junk in a trailer, garbage in garbage cans, and junk in the backyard. The garbage was collected on GARBAGE DAY, the little bit of stuff in the trailer was disposed of, and the ugly jeep.....well it has a valid registration and insurance - and it runs! The code enforcement person that came by found ZERO violations of code.

Now what should one do about such a pesky neighbor who declares war on you? How about sending them a message of peace and love! And what better way to do this than painting the message on the "ugly jeep"???!!!?! 

Now you may or may not have an old car that you can decorate with a few cans of spray paint - but this is an excellent model for winning a neighborhood war. My dad used similar tactics a few years ago to win a war, only my dad did not stop with the old chevy station wagon - he painted stripes and polka dots on the house. He also went to a code enforcement hearing and had all charges dropped. The charges included buckets in the front yard and an abandoned vehicle (which ran and had a valid license tag and insurance). There is currently no law in Dade County that says you can not paint stripes and polka dots on your house.

Stay tuned to this web site for updates on the war effort - along with updated photos of the main battle weapon - the jeep!