KE6TZF Repeater System
"Good portable 70 cm communications for Southern California"

The KE6TZF system is a wide-coverage multi-site repeater system covering the LA basin, San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Ventura, Oxnard, Orange County, & the Inland Empire with HT coverage. The system consists of three repeaters located on Sunset Ridge at 5240 ft., Chatsworth Peak at 2300 ft. & Hollywood Hills (via affiliated system WB6BJM) at 1500 ft. above mean sea level. The Sunset system has one remote receiver at Diamond Bar for backfill of south-facing canyons north of Diamond Bar. The purpose of the system is to provide utility communications; mindless ragchewing is discouraged.

The KE6TZF repeater is a private system; however, dues are not required to use the repeater (though contributions are gratefully accepted). If you are interested in using the system, please e-mail me at the link below. I will then send you the information needed to use the repeater properly.

e-mail all info requests to:

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System owned & operated by Bob Dengler, NO6B


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