Los Angeles Marathon Amateur Radio Communications: co-sponsor of the downtown LA system.

Walnut Ridge Amateur Radio Club: also on Sunset Ridge as well as Portland, OR. Has autopatch and IRLP link (nodes 343 & 342); more of a "rag chew" type of system.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Amateur Radio Club: has repeaters on 2 meters, 220 & 440 MHz; 220 & 440 MHz La Canada system is currently linkable to KE6TZF.

Wolf Radio Network: a new linked radio system based in Oxnard that plans to expand to provide wide coverage via linked 440 MHz systems. I am considering linking the TZF system to it.

Other Ham-related:

Southern California Repeater Lists: repeater list on the web with search/filter capabilities.  The most accurate repeater list available for LA & vicinity repeaters!

MicroDEM home page: this is the software I used to generate the line-of-sight coverage maps.

Radio Mobile: radio coverage prediction software.

Non Ham-related:

Artwork of Wanda Dengler: My mom's an artist; check out her paintings here.

John Entwistle home page: Who? Right! Voted "Bassist of the Millenium" by Bassist Magazine, edging out Paul McCartney for the top spot as the best rock bass guitarist in the world.

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