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I got a lot of questions on certain behavior of K2S so instead of answering them individually, I decided to compile them into this FAQ for everyone to see.

  1. How come K2S still comes up even if I don't have a K2 attached to the PC? That is my intention, I would like to debug K2S (at least the GUI and things that don't need any response from the K2) without having a K2 turned on and attached to the PC.
  2. What is the default COM port setting of K2S? K2S COM port default setting is COM1, 4800 bps, even parity and 1 stopbit. The KIO2 only supports 4800 bps
  3. How do I change the COM port K2S is using?  K2S is using COM1 as default. To change it to a different COM port, you need to move the mouse pointer to the top of the front panel window. Right click on the mouse will bring down the system menu. Select System Config, then under K2 Comm Port, select the COM port that the K2 is attached to the PC. Click Apply. You need to restart K2S (exit, then run it again) for the new COM port to take effect.
  4. Can K2S run on a system with a screen resolution smaller than 1024x768? K2S will run with a screen resolution that can accommodate the Front Panel Dialog (not sizeable) but other K2S  functions will be severely affected since K2S windows are designed not to overlap each other.
  5. Resume Scan VFO scanning doesn't work: K2S assumes that PF2 is programmed to SCAN. It sends out a PF2 key switch emulation value whenever Resume button is clicked.
  6. Configuration buttons in Virtual Switch Panel don't do anything: The K2 firmware (v2.02H) is designed that once the configuration buttons are selected, one needs to go out from MENU mode, then come back before the selected value would be displayed.
  7. In direct frequency entry mode, the K2 LCD display '-----', but K2S LCD display does not change. What is wrong? The K2 firmware doesn't allow LCD reading while in direct frequency entry mode!!!
  8. The SWR is displayed on the K2 LCD when I click on the TUNE button, but K2S display does not show this SWR reading. How come? The K2 disallows most KIO2 command during transmit. It would be nice to be able to read this piece of information remotely since K2S counterpart, K2Anywhere could be several hundred feet away from the K2.
  9. While the active VFO slider is selected (as in changing the frequency using the slider), right clicking on the mouse cause the selected frequency display back ground to change to dark green. From there on the frequency is only change when I release the mouse left button. What is this? This is what I called frequency "sleuthing". Since the K2 only communicate with the computer at 4800bps, sending the frequency change to the K2 at every single tick would cause a lot of traffic on the serial line. In "sleuth" mode, only the last frequency before the left mouse button  released is sent to the K2. This cuts down the traffic on the serial line considerably.
  10. Is it possible to program a memory key on the K2 using K2S TX memory? It is not possible at the moment since the K2 only accept inputs from the paddle when it is in memory record mode.
  11. I found a bug with K2S, what should I do? Send me an email describing the condition for the bug to occur (and whether it is reproducible) I will debug it and incorporate the fix into the next release of K2S.

Tnx es 73,

Dan, KE6D


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