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Welcome to the Rock-Mite Expedition Web Page. If you have any questions or suggestions you can e-mail me at [email protected]. While this is not my first experience working with electronics, this is my first homebrew transceiver kit. I look forward to not only improving my CW skills, but also learning more about rf and rf circuitry. In this web site I hope to include what I learned, and ideas I have come up with as I experiment. I hope that these ideas are also helpful to you.

I hope you find the following pages helpful as you build your Rock-Mite and other homebrew projects. The greatest reason for putting this site together was to help me learn more about homebrewing. Often the best way to learn something is to teach the subject. If you find any statements which are inaccurate please e-mail me ([email protected]) and I will make the necessary corrections and hopefully learn more in the process. and oh yeah, you will get credit. I like to give credit where credit is due.

Day 1 - Assembly of the Circuit Board.

Day 2 - Assembly of Expedition Tin and Connectors.

Day 3 - We Have JOY (Contact made with N1OGL at 1450Z.)

Now for a little Rock-Mite Expedition history. As I was wandering through World Radio Magazine back in December 2002 I ran across an article on the Rock-Mite. My curiosity was peeked instantly as I realized that this would be the perfect homebrew project to start me off on a wonderful journey. The price was just right ($25) and I would be forced to put that Morse Code practice into actual use. I ordered the Rock-Mite on the 24th of December with the hopes that it would get to me by my birthday on the 25th of January. I then began to read everything I could find on the Rock-Mite. As my education continued I realized that I would need to order a few parts, so with a quick trip to Mouser Electronics I quickly ordered that parts I would need to mount and connect the Rock-Mite to the outside world. Now for the enclosure; I wanted something different than the standard Altoids Can (not that I have anything against Altoids mind you.) What I found was the perfect tin. The Timex Expedition watch that I received from my wife for Christmas came in a tin that was considerably larger than the Altoids tin, there would be plenty of room for the Rock-Mite and a battery and voltage regulator to power the Rock-Mite Expedition. I finally had all the pieces in place, well, I was still waiting on the Rock-Mite itself. I check each day to see what the current shipping status was and then on the 21st of January I finally saw my name. My Rock-Mite had been shipped. So let the fun Begin.


Last Update: June 16, 2004