PDF Manual
1 Introduction
2 Multiplication and Division (C and D Scale)
3 Division (C and D Scale)
4 Combined Operation on the C and D Scale
5 Squares and Square Roots (A and B or X2 Scales)
6 Cube and Cube Roots (K Scale)
7 Inverted (Reciprocal) Scale (CI)
8 Folded Scales (CD, DF, and CIF)
9 Percentages and Ratio and Proportion
10 Combined Operations on C, D, CI, DI, CD, DF, CIF, A, B, BI, K and K' Scales
11 Sine and Cosine (S and ST scale)
12 Tangent (T, T1, T2 and ST scales)
13 Pythagorean (P) Scale
14 Radians
15 Solutions of Triangles
16 Complex Numbers
17 Logarithms to Base 10 (L Scale)
18 Logarithms to Base e and Power of e (LL scale)
19 Further Applications of the LL scales
20 Root (W) Scales
21 Appendix
This manual is a work in progress and I am still working on correcting a few minor errors. Mostly typos. If you find any feel free to e-mail me with chapter page and surounding text. Thanks.