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This is Whiskey Charlie Eight Echo Charlie

There is a Simplex Net the first Sunday of every month. There is a Repeater Net every Sunday after.

Who is WCEC?

Wood County Emergency Communications Inc. (WCEC) is an all volunteer Non-Profit organization, created to provide back-up and overload communications to all Public Safety agencies in Wood County, West Virginia and the surrounding counties in WV and OH.

Contacting WCEC

To obtain information about a specific event or to enquire about becoming a member of WCEC please contact one of the following members by phone or use the 147.255 MHz repeater.

Our Address is:
Wood County Emergency Communications
Attn: Kenneth Harris WA8LLM
P.O. Box 3328
Parkersburg, WV 26103

Ken Harris WA8LLM / Unit 251

ARRL Field Day is June 27-28th, 2020. We will be operating five stations. If you hear
Whiskey Charlie Eight Echo Charlie -- Five Alpha -- Whisky Victor. That is us.

I will get some pictures or video of us in action, and some sound clips of are call in CW and on Voice.

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