I Can Low Power

I began looking around for a QRP project even before I had passed my Morse Code exam. I was a little anxious to build something I guess. After finding a few kits available on the Internet, I posted a question on QRZ.net asking for suggestions. I immediately received numerous (mostly thanks to K1ZC (Jim), w8ob and W9GB for many options.) The one which sounded most intriguing was the Tuna Tin 2. Actually built in a tuna tin. (I found out from the responses that the long-standing joke was that you would have trouble keeping the cats out of your ham shack. That didn't matter to me because I have a watch-cat.)
After a little research I located the reprints of the plans, schematics and article originally published in 1976, QST Magazine. Since I already had plenty of cat food cans I deciced to use a Friskies can. I built the board in one evening, short of two parts I needed to order from Ocean State Electronics and one from Mouser. The enclosure took up most of the next evening while listening to low end of 40 meters on the HW-101 a friend loaned me trying to get a feel for what I'd be doing with this newest project.
The day I received the 270pf capacitor, 22uH inductor, and 7.030Mhz crystal it was completed.

Here's a few pictures and specs.

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