Fan Dipole

I needed something to radiate the signal from my RockXcvr so attempted to get 66 feet of 12 gauge THHN as far off the ground as I could. I had an old 20 foot wooden ladder that was dilapidating, so I finished the job and used it to support the ends.

The center support is two 10' lengths of 2.5" rigid PVC with my Ugly Balun mounted at the top. I ran the RG-8 up the inside of the PVC.

The ends of the radiators are supported with nylon rope tied to a short length of 3/4" PVC with a hole drilled through the end for easy removal. The rope goes through a pulley for easy servicing.

Since then I've added a few wires to it and now radiate at 75-40-20 Meters:

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