927.1250 Repeater ~ KD6LVP Repeater

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927.125 - MHz. PL 103.5 Hz.

 The KD6LVP Repeater is the first Amateur 900 repeater covering most of the Portland - Vancouver Metro Area. Transmitting from high above the Portland West Hills on the KGW/KOPB Tower, the KD6LVP Repeater provides the Amateur Community with excellent sounding audio, dependably, and friendly users. The repeater offers IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project) and Echolink Voice over IP services. The Repeater is a Motorola MSF5000 100 Watt Repeater.

The KD6LVP Repeater Crew:

Mike Steiner KD6LVP Owner & Trustee

Rob Hoeye KD7OFU Technical Support

John Moore KD7JWZ Control Operator

Brien Morris K7KSN Control Operator


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