The Indian Territory

Amateur Radio Society

EST. 2002

ITARS is a small but dedicated group of radio operators

who primarily operate on a simplex on a frequency of 

147.435  for 2 meter and 28.435 on 10 meter. 

Club members can join free of charge with no dues but must be

voted in by existing members, perspective members must

visit with existing members to qualify for membership. 

Family oriented and great fun, friendship and radio

information are available to all those who dare to join us!

We are all about fun, radio and friendship!


 Come visit us sometime!






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Members listed below are entitled to all the rights, privileges, fame, glory and fun normally due to all members of this illustrious society!


                 ITARS Members Are:                     


President- Clay Fry, W5GNG  (2 Photo's)

Vice President- Scott Brillhart- N5JJZ

Secretary- Terry Ament, KD5VSF

Trustee- Dave Lugo, W5TAZ

Treasurer-Travis Shrum, KD5UND

Public Relations Liaison-Wilson Gough, K5FWW

Chet Phillips, N5ITV  SK

Cindy Ament, KE5DFP

Leslie Shrum, KE5IJK

Fred Englehardt, KD5BYF

Kelley Gough, KE5JZX

Garry Seaton, N5YDH

Don Bristol, KB5AYS

David Smith, KD5OIJ

Matt  Burton, WX5LIB

Joel Meeks, KC5UGY

Tom Moore, KD5BOW

Carol Moore, KD5ESM

Martin Maynard, KD5JKH

  Robert  Patton,  KE5LQC

Wayne Williams, AA5JJ

James Strauss, KA5WHM

Wayne  Hanson, W9YLE  SK

 John Marshall, KE5WY

Andrew  Van Deventer, N5NYP

Scott Bratt, KG5VW 



 Nice Job Scott, N5JJZ!


n5jjz_first_place.jpg (759536 bytes)


First Place from ARRL!



QSL Cards from Members




kd5byf_cert.jpg (2911628 bytes)   KD5BYF_CERT2.jpg (1929916 bytes)


Here is a couple of  new ones for you all! 

Fred, KD5BYF got this in the mail from a 

VHF/UHF weak signal group  out of Kansas City. 

Looks like I am going to have to start chasing this one myself!  

Great Job Fred.



Worked by Wilson, K5FWW


k5fww_70_cm.jpg (397793 bytes) k5fww_70_cm1.jpg (275760 bytes)



K5FWW_Liberty_Belle.jpg (660906 bytes) K5FWW_T32Z.jpg (551870 bytes) K5FWW_WL7NR.jpg (980714 bytes)

K5FWW_Ducie_Island.jpg (1354812 bytes) K5FWW_Ducie_QSO.jpg (1031925 bytes) K5FWW_HC8N.jpg (1280583 bytes)







w5taz_ea1dfu.jpg (97788 bytes) w5taz_ea1dfu-b.jpg (134023 bytes)  w5taz_gq3red.jpg (91049 bytes)


Spain                                                     England

w5taz_easter_island.jpg (231980 bytes) w5taz_easter_islandb.jpg (122452 bytes) w5taz_jr5mjs.jpg (90525 bytes) w5taz_jr5mjs-b.jpg (85029 bytes)

Easter Island                                                 Japan


w5taz_m0jwa.jpg (231168 bytes) w5taz_m0jwa-b.jpg (104493 bytes)



Martin, KD5JKH

k5d_per_kd5jkh1.jpg (514191 bytes)


.k5d_per_kd5jkh.jpg (602693 bytes)


kd5jkh_qsl_KB0YHU_Front.jpg (73035 bytes)  kd5jkh_qsl_NJOM_Front.jpg (59024 bytes)




Show Your Shack Photo's from Members

If you want to "Show Your Shack" send them in!




k5fww_station.jpg (98268 bytes) shack_k5fww.JPG (2655277 bytes)



claycolr.jpg (49240 bytes)



ke5wy.JPG (43295 bytes)



fred2.JPG (68814 bytes)



w5taz.jpg (2940054 bytes)


W5TAZ's Station


kd5und_station1.jpg (748198 bytes)   kd5und_station.jpg (746414 bytes)

KD5UND's  Station




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