Elktronics Video ID Generator Conversion Utilities

ID graphic

Have you ever wanted to edit your Elktronics Video ID Graphics to change a callsign or to add some of your own artwork? The following utilities, along with a graphics program such as X-Paint or the GIMP make it all possible. These utilities were written in 'C' by John Magliacane, KD2BD, for execution under the Linux operating system. They are based on a cheap hack of an Elktronics Video ID Generator EPROM. The code is pretty generic, so the utilities should compile cleanly under other (lesser) OSes. For DOS, the free 32-bit DJGPP compiler is highly recommended.

The first utility reads an Elktronics EPROM and converts each high-resolution image stored in the EPROM to an X Bit Mapped (XBM) image.

The second utility converts two XBM images into an Elktronics EPROM image file. Note: Low resolution color-bar images are not handled! If anyone knows the format of the color-bar images, please let me know.

X-Paint, XV, The GIMP, or the netpbm utilities can be used to convert XBM files to just about anything imaginable.

The utilities may be downloaded here:


John Magliacane
Electronics Engineer
FCC General Radio Operator Licensee
Open Source Linux Software Developer
Advanced Class FCC Amateur Radio Operator (KD2BD)