Service Area of the Brookdale ATV Repeater System

Low-power UHF television signals generally propagate only along line-of-sight paths between transmitter and receiver. With the aid of propagation analysis software, an approximation of a television transmitter's range can be determined.

The following image depicting the predicted service area of the Brookdale TV Repeater was created using SPLAT! Propagation Analysis Software written by John Magliacane, KD2BD.


Click on the image for a high resolution view.

In this image, estimated path loss between the repeater site and outlying areas are illustrated in various colors, each of which represent a discrete level of signal strength (path loss). A legend at the bottom of the map defines the path loss (in dB) represented by each color considering the operating frequency (439.250 MHz), antenna polarization (horizontal), and a receiver antenna height of 30 feet above ground level. The path loss indicated in this analysis is the highest expected 50% of the time in 50% of the locations indicated.

Best coverage appears to be in central Monmouth County with hilly terrain casting shadows to the northeast and northwest. Several openings in the terrain to the north provide additional areas of coverage toward Staten Island and Brooklyn, New York.

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