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Who We Are

The Brookdale Amateur Radio Club (BARC) is a student organization sponsored by the Office of Student Life and Activities at Brookdale Community College, in Lincroft (Monmouth County), New Jersey. The group was founded in 1991, and membership is open to all currently enrolled Brookdale students. Club meetings are generally informal, and center around club projects and topics of interest to members of the organization. The Club's Constitution is available on the Web, and meetings are held at regular intervals during 15 week semesters in the College's Advanced Technology Center. Watch for announcements in the Happenings for meeting times and location.

What We Do

Over its fifteen year history, Brookdale Amateur Radio Club members have provided communications assistance for the Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management during coastal storms and blizzards. The group has provided demonstrations of Amateur Radio communications at past Children's Peace Fair held at the College, co-sponsored Hamfests and ARRL State Conventions, and has offered free Amateur Radio licensing classes to students interested in earning an Amateur Radio Operator's License. Guest speakers at club meetings have provided valuable information to students regarding employment and career opportunities in the fast-paced field of electronics technology, engineering, and telecommunications. Frequent demonstrations of portable satellite communication are conducted outside the College's Advanced Technoloy Center during times when radio contacts between astronauts on the International Space Station and schools on Earth are scheduled.

The Brookdale Amateur Radio Club has been an active co-sponsor of the annual Shore Area Hamfest / Computer Show / New Jersey State ARRL Convention. This event attracted thousands of participants from surrounding states, and helped raise money for club projects that in turn were used to serve the community at large.

The Brookdale Amateur Radio Club owns and operates an Amateur Television (ATV) Repeater System at the College. The repeater operates 24 hours a day, and serves surrounding communities through an antenna system mounted atop a 350 foot radio tower. In addition to providing a two-way communications resource and an instrument for education and research, the repeater also re-transmits NASA Television programming during U.S. Space Shuttle missions as a public service to the Amateur Radio community.

The Brookdale Amateur Radio Club has had a Web presence since the Spring of 1995.


A photograph of the Brookdale Amateur Television Repeater System appeared on the cover of the October 1997 issue of CQ VHF magazine! The photograph was taken by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI in November 1995.

Cover Photo

Click on the image for more views of the repeater system electronics.

For several years, Brookdale Amateur Radio Club members have won Outstanding Student Awards from Brookdale Community College for their exceptional academic achievement. Recipients to date include:

Congratulations to all students for their exceptional achievement!

The Brookdale Amateur Radio Club earned a Gold Star Award in 1995 from the Brookdale Community College Office of Student Life and Activities for its outstanding service to the College and its community. According to the June 15, 1995 issue of Brookdale's "Communicator",

"The Brookdale Amateur Radio Club, or BARC, won a Gold Star for their many projects for students, including accessing the dialogue from the NASA shuttle for electronics students and enabling international students to speak to peers overseas."

Membership Has Its Advantages

Through involvement in various Club activities, Brookdale Amateur Radio Club members gain valuable hands-on experience with RF communication systems. Some of our members have gained successful employment at the following communication companies:

Other Schools With Radio Clubs

Brookdale Community College isn't the only institute of higher education that sponsors an Amateur Radio Club. The following local colleges and universities are known to have Amateur Radio Clubs as well as Web pages that describe their purpose and activities:

If you're thinking of transferring to another school, the Baylor Amateur Radio Club at Baylor University has compiled a comprehensive listing of Amateur Radio clubs at Colleges and Universities around the world. N3QYE also has a list of Collegiate Amateur Radio Clubs on his web page.

Some Local Radio Clubs

Some local Amateur Radio clubs not affiliated with institutes of higher education include:

All local radio clubs known to have a web presence are listed on our page. Reciprocal links are appreciated. If you are a member of a local radio club and would like to have your club's name included in our list, please let us know!

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Some BARC Members (Past and Present) Who Are On The Web

Presented in no particular order:

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