Converting the Uniden BC245XLT for AA Batteries

I got a Uniden BC245XLT off Ebay, and the NiCD battery that came with it would not hold a charge for very long. I didn't want to pay $20+ for a new battery, so here is what I did. For more info on the general techniques I used, see my page on converting the BTX-127 Business/MURS radio for AAs.

4 X 1.2V NiMH rechargable AA's = 4.8V, the exact voltage of the original battery.

If you use 1600-2100 maH AA's, you'll more than double the capacity of the original battery.

Why not make a pack out of tabbed cells? I can't use these with my other AA devices, and have no good way to charge a NiMH pack, as the original BC245XLT charger is for the original NiCD battery. I do not recommend using the original charger with AA's, use a regular drop-in charger.

1.5V disposable alkalines will probably work too, despite the extra voltage. I have used them before with no ill effects to the radio. However, do this at your own risk.

The following mod is not for people who are not technically inclined and enjoy experimenting. It might take some playing around to get a reliable setup that works for you. Do this at your own risk.

These are the inserts I made for the BC245XLT. I used metal from a mint tin, springs that I took out of battery holders, card stock, and superglue. See my BTX-127 page for more info.

Inserts in radio.

Batteries inserted.

"Mod" complete.