KC8BEW Radio

Hello from FCC licensed Amateur Radio station, KC8BEW, located near Dresden, Ohio. I am a General class control operator for this station. I enjoy working with VHF/UHF mobile & satellite communications. Operation on the HF bands have just started and I hope to have a larger presence there in the future. To learn more about Amateur Radio please visit the American Radio Relay League's web page.

Matt Murphy

Muskingum Valley Council Radio Club, MVCRC

BSA Radio Scouting Logo

I am happy to announce that the Muskingum Valley Council Executive Board has approved the formation of the Muskingum Valley Council Radio Club, MVCRC!  This is a club that will be able to promote the use of Amateur Radio in the council. 

Any scout or scouter in the council who is interested should contact the Muskingum Valley Council office or email me at [email protected]

Matt Murphy