Gastronomy n. - The art or science of good eating.

Can you fully understand Jackson Pollock's choice and strength of hues just by staring at the canvas?  If you think of his movements and how he painted, it was almost a dance absorbed into his work.   Purely visual!  Does the pain from Vincent Van Gogh's cut off ear lobe show through in "Self Portrait," 1889, with his bandaged ear?  Can we understand what he was thinking through seeing the canvas?  At Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water," you can't smell the moisture or hear the falls from the pictures, you to have to stand on the cantilevered terraces, breath the air of its surroundings.  Hear the sound of water fill the house with its dancing cascade of the falls; though sometimes just a trickle!

Very Seldom does art affect all 5 senses at once.  Food created  in the perfect agreement & balance does just that!  Imagine mixing a paint pallet of colors on a canvas; substitute seasonings for paint and a nice Ribeye for the canvas!  Grill with perfect marks; serve on the right plate.  Compliment with the perfect garnish.  The sizzle is a sweet song, the sight is a splendor , aroma is spectacular, the flesh supple yet taut, and taste should be forbidden!  That's Gastronomy!

I'm originally self-taught, refined by my studies, and proven by my passion for perfection.  I will tweak and twist to create the perfect combination to invigorate the senses.  My 15 years experience all in leadership positions in the kitchen alongside my almost 7 years of studying art makes for an exquisite sequence of visual flavors.