amateur radio license required to operate on the air!


Cost estimate: $25

Here is a novelty 1-watt CW transceiver developed by KA8MAV that evolved from the"Pixie 2" (available as an inexpensive kit) and by just changing the output filter can be built for any band. Below is the schematic for a 40-meter modified Tiny Tornado, and IN RED show changes, corrections and modifications made - mainly suggestions by WE6W found on the web for the Pixie 2. This project entails soldering of components and winding a small toroid inductor. There are several ways it can be constructed; this one, although not very "tiny," is easily built on a common "prototyping" circuit board. The receiver operates when power is applied and "cuts out" with a soft click heard in the headphones when the key is depressed. There is silence while the key is down (transmitting) and another click when the key is released: "full QSK" operation. Performance is good and the TX/RX switch allows transmit/receive on two close frequencies with the same crystal. Audible CW signals are a direct conversion "mix" of the crystal frequency with that of the signals received; signals on both "sides" of the crystal frequency are heard. Measured peak output power is 1-watt (0.7-watt RMS) on 40 meters using a battery holder for 8 'AA' cells as the 12vdc power supply; this battery holder has a connection compatible with a 9V battery clip so a 9v battery can be easily substituted (with decreased power output).

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