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Ham Radio Links
Amateur Radio is a great deal of fun! Now, if you want more information on  everything it has to offer, I suggest the American Radio Relay League's "Introduction to Ham Radio" Page.
QSL.NET  Free web pages for Hams!
FREE Web Pages & E-mail for Hams
Logo by....ME!!!
AADXA, the FUN ham club!
The Atchafalaya Amateur Radio DX Association is in full swing!!  Interested?  Then fill out our AADXA form and we'll keep you up to date on upcoming events and meetings.
The "Mr. Charlie"  The Only Place in the World where the General Public can Walk Aboard an Authentic Offshore Drilling Rig!  Our Ham Club has a club station aboard this submersible drilling rig which is now a publicly accessible museum!
Got a few hours to kill?  Then you should visit WY5M's Amateur Radio Resources site. 
MODS, MODS and more MODS, and all you need to do is visit the QRZ MODS Page for all the details!
Want to see what some of the other Amateur Radio Web Site's are doing? There are over 1,000 Pages listed with QRZ's Web Site Database. You'll find this site is constantly growing!
Get the latest information on the Space Shuttle Missions with a simple trip to The SAREX Home Page. You can see when the next launch will be....and if it will include an Amateur Radio Operator.
Operating around the world on less than five watts is a BLAST! Check out VK1PK's Site!
Click HERE to learn more about the TRUE father of Radio!!!! Nikola Tesla was truly a MAN OUT OF TIME.  But he also had more loose screws than an erector set.  You THINK Marconi and Edison were geniuses?  HA!  Without Tesla's Patents?  Click HERE for some info about the TRUE father of radio!  Find out why he deserves the backing of EVERY Ham!
Ham Personal Pages
KB5GZUCalvin KD5ETGLacey
NT5KCraig KC5QOIMike
N0DVG Willard HL2AK John
W5WOS Jared

Thanks JOHN!

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