160/80m Receiving Coaxial Loop Antennas

160/80m Coaxial Receiving Loop Antennas



The stand alone 80m loop is approximately four feet in diameter. And made of light weight material. Which makes it ideal for portable use or you can mount it above a pre-existing vhf antenna. Due to it's small size it is quite rotatable , which is advantagous when you which to null out noise. The 160m version is approximately eight feet in diameter. Though twice the size of the 80m version it also is quite rotatable. The combination 160/80m loop has the same diameter as the 160 stand alone loop. Also the combination 160/80m loop is fed with a single lenth of coax. We have found that a preamp located in the shack to be more advantagious. That way you can adjust the gain and tune control for each loop. Mechanical specification are subject to change. Especially if I find a way to improve on the design. Also we have been experimenting with phasing two loops for added gain. Watch the page for details.

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