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As you can see by the contents section to the left, I have a range of interests.   I have been a licensed Amateur Radio operator since July of 1999.  In 2000, I upgraded my license to General class which is where it remains today.  I had intended to try for the upgrade to Extra class, but have not gotten motivated yet to do so.  I am a member of the Six Meter Club World Wide #1275 and of the Ten-Ten Club #72077.  I was a member of the ARRL and of a local club the  Central Illinois High Gain Amateur Radio club which has disbanded.

In December of 2000, a friend of mine introduced my husband to the game of EverQuest and he become hooked.  Shortly there after, I was encouraged to begin playing the computer game as well.  Almost a year later, we're still playing.  I have 7 characters ranging in levels from 4 to 21.   I still haven't decided which one I like the very best.  It's an interesting game with lots of variety since it is an on-line game and very interactive.  We play on the Brell Serilis server.  The majority of my characters are in the guild "Tutela Conventus" and I had one in "Legend Ward", however at the present she is unguilded because of a bug in a zone that deleted her guild tag.

I have become interested in family history and genealogy.  It's old interest that I have finally decided to begin looking into now.  I've been to the local library to start gathering information on how to start.  Once I make some progress on this project, I may post the research findings on my page.  

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Should we cancel Halloween because of the terrorist attacks?

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