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 This page is dedicated to all who fought & gave all for a country they loved, some came home, the rest are POW/MIA's, "NOW its time to fight for them"  Bring Our Heroes Home! 

Please visit my Adopted POW/MIA's, you'll find the links to them  on the table of contents to the left. 
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We will not forget those who gave all to a country who had forgotten
about them ,  bring our Pow/Mia's home.
This country shall not be complete until the last one is brought home!!!


I Am The Soldier

I am the soldier, I will walk through the turmoil, not giving a second thought of my friend just fallen by death, I must go on because thus is my duty, I will not sorrow because there is no time for sorrow, I must be strong, I must have the courage to go on, because I am the soldier, through the triumphs and challenges of each and every day, I take pride in knowing that through this time of courage and bravery, I gave it my all! 

Posted By: Specialist Dale E. Catron 
Period Of Service: 1988-1997 

  No Frames