Projects To Help Ensure The Future Of Amateur Radio

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At one point in time ham radio lead the way, pioneering new modes and technology.  As a mater of fact that's part of our basis and purpose.  However in more recent years, that seems to have changed, where the commercial world has exceeded our outdated  technology.  So in effect there isn't much to entice new hams.  More exciting technology already exists that doesn't require an examination of any kind.  The future of the hobby is in every hams hands.  Appliance operation, or explore something new..  

These projects are basically things I have collected information on and dabbled with.  I like to at least understand things rather than just be an end user.

900 MHz Radio Modifications

Weather Radio Alert Computer Interface

Digital POCSAG Paging

Digital Voice Applications

VOIP Applications

Fast Wireless Data Links

Microwave Projects



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