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Hi, this is what I look like while working PSK-31 my preferred mode.

The rig is a Kenwood TS 850s.  The computer is a Intel Pentium II @ 

450 MHz with 64 meg ram.  The program is Zakanaka and Logger  from Bob Furzer,

 K4CY  Zakanaka is a psk31 terminal program which interfaces with logger and is 

now interfaced also with MMTTY a powerful RTTY engine.  Logger is a program 

which handles all the logging activities in a normal or in my case not so normal ham shack.  Links to psk31 sites which may be of interest.  Click the button  to make the leap.

   Digipan                             Psk 31 Site         DXsoft

   Small Wonder Labs             Mix 32                 RCK RTTY   

  PSK31 & GNR Software      Win PSKse by KA1DT 

    Win PSK by AE4JY                        RigBlaster          Stream by IZ8BLY

    MMTTY                                                     Zakanaka, Logger, MMTTY      



Sponsored by the Penn-Ohio DX Society

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