Brief Description of the KB1H Station Layout….


The “upstairs” of the barn is the operating location of “The Barnstormers” Contest Group. Originally it was thought to configure the station for a good Multi/Single type effort in the CQWW contests and a Multi/two effort in the ARRL contests. Because our group grew large enough and with the additional factor of maximizing our score for the YCCC efforts, the station was grown into a good four operating position configuration. In a few CQWW and ARRL DX contests we entered the Multi/Multi category realizing we not very competitive in that category. What we accomplished was the maximum number of points for the YCCC, plenty of operating time for everyone, and a good training session. If you have ever been part of a multi-transmitter operation you can appreciate the effort that goes into manning more than one or two stations simultaneously.

Since the fall in sunspots and most of the time a lack of available operators we have concentrated on the Multi/Two category where we are competitive. Normally finishing in the top 5 of higher we have fun and lots of operating. Will we ever return to the Multi/Multi class is yet to be seen when the sunspots come back?

Station1 became the main operating station. Everyday operating and single operator efforts are run from this station. A small room was built to house Station #1 because in the winter it can get pretty cold in an unheated barn. A small electric heater gets the chill off nicely. The entire upstairs is heated by a woodstove.

Station2 Is our SO2R station, and is set up as SO2R most of the time.

VHF Station  Using a FT-1000MP to drive DEMI transverters, we are QRV on 144, 222, and 432. Add the 6M Transverter on Station 1 we are very competitive in the Limited Multi category

Network Control is used during contests to monitor and analyze  our operating station data.

Lowband switches Highband switchesand Rotor/Stack Control  allow connection and control of the various antenna systems to the individual operating positions.

We hope that you've enjoyed the station tour and please visit frequently as we update and improve our station.

73 Dick – KB1H