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 My name is Dale.  I was first licensed as Tech Plus, January
 of '96, and have been an Extra Class since March '97.
 My Ham radio interests include Skywarn, homebrewing equipment,
 and QRP operation from remote locations.  I operate almost
 exclusively HF CW both fixed and Mobile and very recently
 have started experimenting with psk31.
 My QTH is Conway, NH in the Mount Washington Valley.
 I moved here from Fort Collins, Colorado, hence, the '0' call.
 There is little local QRM/QRN generated since sodium and mercury
 vapor lights are almost non-existant in this quaint village.
 With a simple dipole, I've made multiple DX contacts even at QRP
 with very little effort.
My equipment so-far includes: Yaesu, FT-990 (My main HF "rig")
NorCal 49'er (My QRPp rig) Bencher, RJ-2 (Chrome Handkey) and BY-2 (Chrome Iambic Paddles) Oak Hills Research, OHR-100 40m ("My backpack rig") Oak Hills Research, OHR-500 (slightly modified 5-Band CW Rig) An old National NC173-T (1949 vintage and still WORKS!) SBE, Hybrid SSB HF Tranceiver with matching 1Kw Linear And being restored... A Hallicrafters HT-37 A WRL Globe Scout (680A) And misc vintage 6m gear by Lafayette and Knight-Kit My main antenna is a HB Parallel 20/40m dipole at about 40'. Also a couple of portable designs for the field. For mobile operation I use Hamsticks
Harmonic KB0VCC's "harmonic", age 3 Already showing interest in Ham Radio
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Listen for me the last week of July for the ARS "Bumblebee" contest. Click here to view a photo of me during the the 2001 ARS sponsored Bumblebee Event! Click here to see a photo of me during the 1998, Norcal sponsored, "QRP To The Field"! Click here to view my experiences in the '97 ARS sponsored Bumblebee Event!
...more stuff to come...
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