IRLP in the Classroom

Welcome to Internet Radio Link Project (IRLP) for teachers!

Internet Radio Link Project is an exciting new way to teach social studies, geography, and technology that can link your classroom to virtually any place on earth!

Simply put, Internet Radio Link Project is a free service of the amateur radio community that combines the technology of amateur radio communications and the Internet into a system which provides voice-to-voice communication that can link students as easily in classrooms on different continents as across town.

You need no expensive radio equipment or the expertise to run it. The amateur radio community can provide all of that for you. Your job is to determine how you would like to use IRLP.

For instance, IRLP could be used to link your classroom with scientists at JPL in Pasadena, California, or McMurdo Sound in the Antarctica. If your class has been pen pals with another class via the postal service or e-mail, an IRLP link would allow both classes to talk to one another directly.

The purpose of this web site is to explain how IRLP works, to help teachers use IRLP creatively to link their classrooms with other classrooms and with other resource people worldwide, and to help them contact amateur radio operators in their local communities who have the expertise and equipment needed for IRLP communications.

Steps to Getting Started

  1. Begin by reading the IRLP FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  2. Check to see if there is an IRLP-linked repeater in your area
  3. Contact the sponsor of the repeater in your area. Access their contact information by clicking on the callsign link on the status page.
  4. Use the "Classrooms Wanting to Link" menu selection to register your class.
  5. You may view the list of classes that have registered by using the "See the List" submenu selection.
  6. If you see a classroom that you would like to link with, contact the teacher.
  7. Subscribe to the IRLP-CLASS mailing list. Use the mailing list to help you coordinate with other teachers or to have your questions answered.

TimeandDate.comWhat time is it in the city you want to link with? ARRLGet information about amateur radio from the American Radio Relay League.

The IRLP-Classroom Mailing List

The IRLP-Classom mailing list will help you to communicate more directly with amateur radio operators and teachers who are interested in IRLP. It is a way of sharing stories, advice, ideas that worked or didn't work, and anything else that might be helpful for others to know about using IRLP in the classroom. A subscription to the list free. Simply click on the "Subscribe" link to send a subscription e-mail. No message or subject is necessary.
Post a message to the list.

Submit Lesson Plans

As you develop lesson plans for using IRLP, you are encouraged to submit them here. Click on the above link to take you to the Lesson Plan entry form. Lesson plans submitted by teachers using IRLP will follow a standard lesson plan format.

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