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Keep love in your heart today, tomorrow and always.

  Love is the yardstick by which we measure to see if something agrees with Love.
The apostle Paul wrote that if it does, then it's acceptable... even if it goes against the majority.

A special thank you to a very special man in my life. He is the one individual who stuck by me (and continues)
during a most difficult, painful and very trying time. Without him, I don't know where I would be today.
May you always know how much I love you dad! 

American Red Cross "My Choice"
It is with great pleasure for me to say that one person can truly make a difference.
An individual who has gone above and beyond in guiding such a wonderful and very
important community institution with her courage, strength and exceptional leadership skills
thru some pretty significant and important changes. As you banged your gavel one last time,
your leadership passed and into the history of the American Red Cross will you always be remembered.
For this I am honored to say:
"Thank you"
I am very proud of you Lorraine!

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On this 14 year anniversary of 9/11, make a day to
make a difference in the lives of others: A Good Deed

Ribbon of Unity

Forever frozen in time
September 11th, 2001
t approximately 8:46am, a senseless and cowardly act occurred.
The worst act of terrorism to occur on U.S. soil.
An act that will forever change the course of U.S. history...
Beginning with hijacked Flight 11 that slams into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.
9:03am, a second hijacked plane, Flight 175 slams into the South Tower of the WTC.
9:40am, a third hijacked plane, Flight 77 slams into the Pentagon collapsing the side of the building.
9:50am - The FAA orders all air traffic in the U.S. shut down.
9:58am - The South tower of the WTC collapses.
10:28am - The North tower of the WTC collapses.
10:37am - A fourth hijacked plane, Flight 93 crashes in a field outside Pittsburgh, PA.
It is later believed this plane was headed for the White House but was overtaken from the hijackers 
by the passengers in an attempt to take back control of the plane.
This sad and tragic event shall never dampen the spirit of the American People as it showed 
it only strengthened our spirit and brought us closer together to do whatever we could 
to help in the relief effort.  I was one of those people who responded to the tragedy and was involved 
hours after the first incident occurred. Being a member of the Red Cross for around 30 years 
as well as other various disaster services, I was willing and able to do what I could on a moment's notice. 
One of the those various functions was emergency communications through Ham Radio.
Ham Radio played a vital role in getting emergency traffic through when other forms of communications 
were either difficult or otherwise lost.

Amateurs who served during 9/11 remembered

NJ Legislation honors Amateur Radio's 9/11 role

Victims of September 11th - Confirmed Dead 2,948 - Reported Dead 24- Reported Missing 24
Total 2,996

9/11 For Ever (& Ever)

Voices of September 11th

9/11 Anniversary Interactive

9/11 Worldwide Memorials

9/11 Worldwide Archives

American Red Cross 9/11 Response and Recovery

Official 9/11 Commission Report

September 11th by the Numbers

See how the American Red Cross has met the challenge.
Visit the September 11th Response & Recovery Legacy Web site to learn more


All gave some, some gave all

911 Flag

FDNY 9/11 Memorial Page

NYPD 9/11 Memorial Page

NY/NJ Port Authority 9/11 Memorial Page

I would like to thank the following people in my life:

Aunt Janice - A very special person in my life who has given me so much inner strength.
Bob Imparato - A friend who took care of my cat Booboo so I could be there to serve the American people.
Bonnie and her children - Kind people who opened their heart and home to me.
My Dad - Who believes in me and told me how proud he was. I love you very much!

G-d bless this great nation we call America.

Eagle crying alongside the WTC

United States Flag


Spend time on this earth loving and not Judging.
loves us for the goodness in our hearts and the good deeds we have done in our lives.

Welcome to the Home Page of KA1YMC


Hello, my name is Bonnie. Located in beautiful NY State. Currently, I hold an
Advanced Class license and have been a ham for around 20 years.

   One of the things I enjoy doing most is volunteering my time to helping others in the community whether it be the Red Cross ,
EMS, ARES/RACES, New York State Disaster Preparedness, advocacy, the LGBT community, the disABLED or with
other various non profit organizations that help make a difference in other's lives.

In previous summer months I enjoyed volunteering for a camp for the disABLED in upstate CT in which I did various functions
from counselor to computer instructor. Working with others who are disABLED is wonderful!
People with disABILITIES should be judged on their ABILITIES and not their disABILITIES.

My educational background includes Emergency Medical Technician, EKG tech/instructor, automotive technician,
NY state peace officer, disaster preparedness/response (including WEVR) and computers.

 Eternal Flame For My Beloved One 

Booboo's Memorial Site

For My Beloved Princess

Picture of radio transmitter

Amateur Radio Sites...

An event I was very much excited to be a part of in July of 2005 was communications
support for the 28th annual Empire State Games (ESG) of New York. ESG is the largest
yearly Olympic event sponsored by any 1 state. Besides this being my first time, it was also
a record for communications support where approx 140 ham radio operators participated!

Empire State Games (ESG) 07' was an event I was looking forward to volunteering. But, unfortunately was not
able to participating due to the fact there were NO handicapped accessible dorms in the college or other places for
 disABLED people looking to volunteer their time. My participation was to be a ham radio operator once again.
What makes this more difficult this time around is that the ESG was held in a place beloved to my heart, 
Westchester County. I have found it difficult to believe such a place like a college in Westchester would NOT
be able to accommodate me as I am usually very flexible in my accommodations. SHAME on the people involved
in the ESG volunteer sector who did not plan ahead to make sure it was open to everyone to help...

While recently helping the victims of the Texas Floods regain some normalcy in their lives,
much hospitality was show from the people of the Wichita Falls, TX community to me during a situation 
that occurred threw the negligence of the airlines. It is with great respect and gratefulness that I would like
to say "thank you." We came together and made a difference in each other's lives...




Handi Hams

What is Ham Radio?

Ham Radio CC

How Ham Radio Works

Part 97



Radio/Equipment Manufacturers

Butternut (DX Engineering)












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Disaster Preparedness/Response Sites...

American Red Cross

AMA Disaster Response

AMVA Disaster Preparedness



Emergency Preparedness


FEMA for Kids



SBA - Disaster Assistance

US DOT - Disabilities




If You See Something, Say Something!


Be Ready, Prepare!





EMS/Fire Sites...

911 Fire Police Medical

EMS Responder

Fire Rescue1

Fire/EMS net


Lunatik's Fire/EMS Page


With The

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Law Enforcement Sites...
Lets stay safe out there!

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About Law Enforcement

American Police Museum

America's Most Wanted

Bureau of Justice



Cops Online

Fraternal Order of Police

NLEO Museum


Officer Down!

U.S. Department of Justice

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Thank a Police Officer!


Health Info Sites...

Hypoglycemia Support Foundation

MDA Myotonia Congenita

NINDS Myotonia

NINDS Restless Leg Syndrome

  Wheelchair logo
disABILITY Sites...


Center's for Independent Living

College Resources For Students With Disabilities

Disability Resources and Info

Disabled Women on the Web

Easter Seals

Famous People with Disabilities

International Disability News Ticker

Mental Health Net


National Organization on Disability

Not Dead Yet


Untangling the Web

Wired On Wheels


Exploding PC

Computer Anti Crime Sites...
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to others, click one of the * links below and you too can be
a myth buster and save others from falling victim!

Avoiding Computer Crime





Computer Virus Myths

Email Hoaxes*



Truth or Fiction*



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LGBT Sites...

365 Gay (The Back Lot)

Callen - Lorde

Coming Out from Behind the Badge

Fire Flag

For the Bible Tells me So

Gay Christian Online

Gay News


Global Gayz

Human Rights Campaign

Know Thy Neighbor

Lambda Legal

Law Enforcement Related LGBT Sites

LGBT Medical Association

LGBT Minute

MCC Church


NLGBTQ Task Force

Now Equality


ONE LGBT National Archives



Rainbow World Fund

Recovering from Bible Abuse

Stonewall Riots

The Trevor Project (youth)

Truth Wins Out

Work Related GLBT Organizations

You are beautiful in every single way!

Love makes a family



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God is Love

Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto God.
Jesus came to earth to heal us, not condemn us. John 3:16 & Matthew 8:3,7

Remember victims of hate

Sincere thanks to Al for his patience!!!

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Bonnie's Poetry Corner

Peaceful Flight
y life as I know it has no meaning
No happiness or smile am I gleaming
Without love for my heart or a smile on my face
How much longer till I leave this place
So often tired and not feeling right
With no will and such little fight
I have cried and cried and will cry no more
Finally I am free as I spread my wings and into peace I will soar


More than Ever!

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

Yes Indeedy!

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Eternal Flame For My Beloved One Booboo