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MARC Foxhunting Rules


1. The starting point is the Harper College south west parking lot, Roselle Rd and Algonquin Rd in Palatine.

2. There are no set boundaries except that the FOX must be heard by the majority of the hunters at the start point.

3. The Fox Hunts scheduled start time is 6:30PM.


1. Must transmit on 147.480 MHz . He must identify with his call sign, and transmit clear, intelligible, narrow band (5kHz) FM.

2. Must be heard by more than 50% of the hunters at the starting point.

3. Must identify and transmit for a minimum of 30 seconds and start a transmission every 3 minutes (0:30 on / 2:30 off). This may change, but must be agreed to by a majority of the hunters.

4. May not change antenna or power once the hunt has started.

5. Must hide so that the hunters can drive on a gravel or better roadway. Access roads cease to be such when barred by fences, chains, sawhorses, or "NO TRESPASSING" signs.

6. May not hide where admission is charged (ie. drive-ins, pay sporting, events, toll roads etc.), but must be a public place.

7. May not use repeaters, remote bases, or cross banding.

8. The fox is the person operating the transmitter. When asked by a hunter if he is the fox, he must answer in the affirmative.

9. The fox and crew may not operate other 2 meter transmitters during his transmissions which could interfere with the hunters gear.

10. Must note time and call of finishers.


1. Must check in with the Fox at the starting point, and identify the name and call of their group. The fox will be monitoring 443.575 MHz (Motorola Repeater +5MHz input, 114.8 Hz CTCSS).

2. May not leave the starting point until fox first transmission is complete.

3. In order to finish, must ask and receive an affirmative answer from the fox.

4. Must not transmit on 147.48MHz while the fox is on the air.

5. The winning hunter will be, or designate the fox on the next fox hunt.


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