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what is foxhunting?
Also known as T-Hunting, Transmitter Hunting and DFing, the main idea is to track down transmitter(s) causing harmful interference to your home station or repeater. Quite often hams are asked to help find transmitters causing interference to local government agency frequencies, or find the source of TVI. Foxhunting is a way to practice and polish those skills in a fun activity by tracking down a fellow ham keying his transmitter at known intervals. Rules for foxhunts vary from group to group - these are the ones used by the Illinois Chapter of MARC.


useful getting started links
Homing In
Montreal Doppler Project


foxhunt schedule
There are currently no foxhunts scheduled. If interested contact Perry Reh, N9MUC.

Come on out and see what this is all about, and the different techniques used to fox hunt such as signal strength, phase shift, and sometimes even doppler. Hunt trials, tribulation, and excuses are discussed after the hunt at a local eatery. Join the Fun!



foxhunting photos


All of the hunters are ready to begin their search for the fox's den.

Hunter: Skip Allison, K9SA setup using phase shift equipment to hunt.

Hunter Perry Reh, N9MUC has 4 element Yagi with KAY & active attenuator to hunt.

Hunter Marc Stancy, WB9MAI also uses a yagi antenna but uses an Icom IC-22A with rcvr mods and a 2nd meter to give good readings especially in close to the fox.

All Hunters, co-pilots and fox alike gather for hunt stories and refueling at a local eatery.


APRS - Automatic Position Reporting System


Some hunters are using GPS and APRS DF Bearing plots to assist in navigation and zeroing in on the fox's den.  Here is the route taken by Marc, WB9MAI on the August 2001 hunt to find Bill Thompson, N9BT hidden just off of Rt 14 in Arlington Heights.

Skip Allison, K9SA, delivered a great presentation about APRS at the October, 2004 MARC meeting. You can download his PowerPoint slides here.