Local Area Nets 



This is a listing of all known nets in the St. Louis area. All times are in local 24-hour format.

Skywarn Net is held on the K9HAM 145.230 Repeater


1900 145.110- Belleville-Shiloh Net
1930 442.775+ PL 123.0 LCRC Techno Net
2000 146.925- PL 192.8 Ancient Modulators Net
2100 147.060+ PL 141.3 Boeing Amateur Radio Society
2100 147.165+ PL 103.5 And 444.250+ PL 103.5 Okaw Valley ARC Net (Linked Repeaters


2000 145.230- PL 79.7 Lewis and Clark ARC Net
2000 146.850- PL 141.3 Missouri VoIP (Also Echolink Conference)
2030 145.490- PL 141.3 St. Charles County ARES Net
2030 146.820- W9VEY Memorial Net


1900 147.120+ St Clair ARES Net
1900 145.330- St. Charles ARC Net
1930 146.850- PL 141.3 St. Louis Suburban Radio Club Net
2000 146.760- PL 141.3 Egyptian ARC Net


1900 28.420 USB 10 Meter Net
1930 146.850- PL 141.3 St. Louis Metro ARES Net
1930 145.290 Southwest Illinois Multi-County ARES Net


1900 147.360+ PL 141.3 St. louis Skywarn Net - 1st Thursday Of month




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