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The Lewis & Clark Radio Club is a group of Radio amateurs (Hams) who have come together for fellowship, promotion of the amateur radio hobby, and for public service. Anyone interested in amateur radio may become a member - although most members have obtained their amateur radio license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The club has members from 8 to 80 years old and meets monthly at the Lewis & Clark Community College.

Although the club and Lewis & Clark Community College have enjoyed a close working relationship, the club is not affiliated in any way with the college. The club was formed in early 1985 by a group of area hams who felt the need to better organize the local ham operators, to provide public service and to promote and improve the hobby. The response to the formation of the club was outstanding, and the club now has over 120 members. The club is a not-for-profit corporation and is affiliated with a national amateur radio organization, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) as a Special Service Club.

The club has a number of regular activities that provide a public service and make the hobby more enjoyable for the club members. First of all, the club provides classes for people interested in obtaining their ham radio licenses. Although anyone may listen to amateur radio, a license must be obtained from the Federal Communications Commission to transmit an amateur radio signal. The club regularly sponsors "Technician" license classes to introduce people to the hobby and help them learn the Morse code and the electronic theory required to pass their license exam. Also, the club has a team of certified license examiners who give license exams for higher level FCC licenses, so that area hams have a convenient way to advance in their hobby (obtaining higher level licenses allows greater operating privileges).

The club also provides communication services for public events and stands ready to provide emergency communications services in times of disaster. For example, you will see LCRC members with their radios in the annual Alton Halloween parade and sometimes during bike-a-thons along the Great River Road. Ham radio provides communications for officials and event organizers along the route. To prepare for emergency communications, each year the club participates in a Field Day in June, where we set up a portable radio communications center under simulated emergency conditions. This station is then operated for 24 hours, contacting as many other stations as possible.

Another important function of the club is our participation with the National Weather Service during severe weather. Several members of the club participate in a SKYWARN communications network of severe weather spotters. The National Weather Service relies on amateur radio and its network of trained weather observers to alert them of weather conditions and to confirm the presence of severe storms they observe on Doppler RADAR.

Of course, any club likes to have social functions. Each year, the club sponsors a Hamfest. This annual event draws hams from hundreds of miles away, who come to enjoy the events and electronic flea market. Lots of hams use events like this to trade and sell their radio equipment, to see demonstrations of the latest techniques in ham radio, and to meet and visit with other hams who they know over the radio, but seldom see in person. Tickets are sold and raffle prizes are given away too! Lots of fun for everyone!

Ham radio is a hobby with lots of interesting things to do. Of course many of our club members enjoy chatting with their friends on the radio. But there can be more than just talking! Some hams enjoy building their own equipment, or work hard at assembling a top quality radio station. Some hams specialize in certain types of communications, such as transmitting through orbiting satellites, or packet radio (using computer equipment to send typed messages), or DXing (trying to contact as many different places in the world as they can). Some transmit using Morse code, while others transmit television pictures. The club has members who do all these things and more!

Are you interested in joining the Lewis & Clark Radio Club? Sure, why not?! We have our monthly meeting on the campus of the Lewis & Clark Community College. The meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm in Reid Hall, Faculty Dining Room and Cafe. If you can't join us at a meeting, why not write to us?
Our address is:

Lewis & Clark Radio Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 553

Godfrey, IL 62035

[email protected]

If you are already a ham operator, you can talk with club members on our two-meter repeater.
This system is based in Alton, IL and operates on 145.23 MHz (-). It provides excellent coverage of the St Louis Metro-East area!
Write to us, or give us a call - we'll be glad to hear from you!

State of the Club Presentation given at the October 2012 Meeting


Honoring our Club at Lincoln Douglas Memorial
 just off Broadway at Lincoln Douglas Square
in Alton, IL


Here is one we did for our members and SK.
There is a flag that goes up on Rout 67 during Memorial Day and other times that is in
Honor of our Members and Silent Keys.
So whenever you see the flags go up on Godfrey Road there is one in Honor of you.


LCRC Incorporation Document


  • W9LD / K9BO, Dave Cornell - Lynnwood, Washington

  • K9CMO, Chuck Endale - Godfrey

  • K9DTH, Ron Aldridge - Godfrey

  • K9IQE, Boris Kusmanoff - Wood River

  • K9SD, Sam Effinger - Godfrey

  • N9FOB, Gordon Admire - Godfrey

  • KA9GNK, Roy Gunther - Alton

  • KA9SQQ, Ron Donother - Alton

  • KA9SQR, Dan Laslie - Brighton

  • WY9D / KA9SQS, John Laslie III - Brighton

  • KA9SYG, Walt Effinger - Godfrey

  • KA0QQN, Bruce Bateman - St. Louis, Missouri

  • KC9KY, Jack Leverich - East Alton

  • KF9F, Rich Morgan - Godfrey

  • N9ADJ, Ron Wright - Alton

  • N9BHW, Jim Duffey - Godfrey

  • N9BKN / WB9V, Stan Jacobs - Godfrey

  • N9DVV, Otis Bost - East Alton

  • W9IWA, Don Sherman - Edwardsville

  • W9MXC, Larry Roberts - Godfrey

  • WA9RDY / WA9RD, Dennis Hutchins - Bethalto

  • WB9HZG / W4TWF, Tom Frields - East Alton

  • WB0WIL, Scott Clifton - Naperville


 * Silent Keys = ( 17 )

  • K9CWL, Ed Ford - Godfrey

  • K9DYN, Earl Leady

  • K9DSF, Jim Ruyle - Godfrey

  • K9ORV, Bill Haper - Alton

  • K9DZY / WV9M / K9KE, Bill Preis - Godfrey

  • K9PPT, Emil Kittel - Godfrey

  • KA9JYU, Jack Rhodes - Brighton

  • KA9PAV, John Laslie - Brighton

  • KA9MCR, Ed Turnbeaugh - Wood River

  • KA9QOS, J.D. Schweizer - Godfrey

  • KA9TPN, Ansel Taylor - Godfrey

  • KC9GL / N9HE, Harold Elmore - Godfrey

  • W9RXO, Bill Colson - Alton

  • W9TZY, Sylvester Scoval - Alton

  • WD9GMO, Ed Wilson - Godfrey

  • KA9TOV, Dean Oehler - Godfrey

  • KA9RLK, Ray Botterbush - Godfrey


Info provided by Ron N9ADJ
The State of Illinois Proclaims that 16-23 June 2013 is Amateur Radio Week

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