2M FM Simplex Sprint

JAN 5th 17:00 to 22:00 


The 2M FM Simplex Sprint is here!  Mark your calendars for Jan. 5th 7 to 10pm CDT!

The objective is to make as many contacts in different zip codes as possible with only 2M FM simplex using 100W or less.  To locate boundries of zip codes, the following webpage can be of use :  There are also many smart phone apps out to tell you which zip code your located in.

This is a great contest to help conquer mic fright, test out a new antenna, learn how to program your radio and make new friends.  The contest is open to all hams to participate and join in on the fun.  You don't have to be an lcrc member to compete in this, so spread the word!

Starting at 6:30pm the night of the contest, we will hold a net on the 145.230 (79.7) repeater to take check ins, host a Q&A session and discuss contest tips and tricks.

Download the rules below.

2M FM Simplex Sprint Rules.pdf

Submission Spreadsheets

Submission Sheet.pdf

2M FM simplex Sprint submission sheet.xls





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