From the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the South Shore of Lake Superior ~ Station K 8 L O D
Name that U.P. Ham

While this isn't a contest and we won't be offering any prizes we do hope that you'll join in the fun of trying to identify some of the hams in these oldtime photos dug out of the Hiawatha Amateur Radio Association's and other U.P. ham's archives.
Also, if you have photos that relate to the Hiawatha Amateur Radio Assn we'd be interested in seeing them.  Some no doubt would end up on the club's web pages.  We would be especially interested in photos that depict local amateurs in action, be it at their rig, field day activity, or helping out in a community event.
After you've looked over the photos on this page why not check out the Club History Photos and More Club History Photos and help us identify some of the hams.

This photo was submitted by Steve, N8MLI

Some of the Etelamaki family and their link to ham radio history in dah U.P.

Steve said, "I'm sending a club picture from the past.  Maybe someone can identify these past/present members of HARA.  The man on the far left is W8KA, Ed Etelamaki, the man is the back row second from the left is W8EOI, Wilhart Etelamaki and the man with the headphones and hands together in the front row is William (Bill) Etelamaki.  Bill's wife Senia is the second lady from the left in the second row.  These are my aunt and uncle's, a few of the original founders."


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