From the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the South Shore of Lake Superior ~ Station K 8 L O D

Ham operators, the Elements, and the Sled Dog Races

This page is dedicated to the ham operator, old and young, old salt and new op, tech to extra, from near and far that donate their time to make the U.P. 200 and Midnight Run Sled Dog Races the success they are.  The U.P. 200 covers approximately 240 miles, running through four counties across Michigan's upper peninsula.  The race originates in Marquette, traveling through Chatham in Alger County then down to Escanaba in Delta County for the first half of the race.nbsp; From Escanaba the 200 continues on south for a bit crossing into Menominee County then swinging north headed to Marquette County for Gwinn and eventually to the finish line in Marquette.  The first team leaves early on a Friday evening with the last team returning late on Sunday evening.
The Midnight Run starts late Friday evening in Chatham traveling the same trail as the U.P 200 ending in Escanaba, with a lay over in Rapid River.  This race, ran with a maximum of six dogs is about sixty miles in length.
More information about the U.P. 200 and Midnight Run Sled Dog Races can be found at UPSDA.  When you visit their site please leave a message on their message board stating you found their site via an amateur radio op.
2002 was the 13th running of the events and while ham operators ham been involved for many, many years, this page is recognizing those that helped out in 2002 and forward.  Unless you've personally been to the upper peninsula you can't really appreciate what these ham operators do in support of the races.nbsp; The majority of them are out in the bush on the trail making sure each team makes it to that checkpoint.  Many of the operators finish at one checkpoint and then head to another location to do the same thing all over again, for the safety of the dogs and their musher.  Likewise some operators man the four (Chatham, Rapid River, Escanaba, Gwinn) major checkpoint headquarters as well as the main race headquarters in Marquette.  Some hams also operate from the special event (K8LOD) station set up at race headquarters.  Be it remembered that all their time is volunteered.
Volunteers from the U.P.
Baraga County
KC8PDV A.J. Chippewa County
Delta County
N8OYR Richard, KB8DSC John, K8GMW Don, KC8ABU Kimberly, KC8PDU Jeremy
KB8PTF Scott, WD8RTH John
Houghton County
N8WAV Jack
Luce County
KC8GKK Dennis
Marquette County
N8TLD Brian, KI8AF Greg, KC8EWD Bill, WB8NJP Bruce, N8GBA Rich,
N8RSE John, N8RY Ryan, KB8VEP Paul, KC8CVV Gary, KC8QWR Carl,
KG8YT Bruce, N8HXG Ralph, N8SLH Charlie, N8TEV Eric, KC8QWO Mike,
KC8PYC Carol, N9PAR Nick, KC8LKY Bruce, N8MOS Howard, N8XAE Bob,
KB8PEM Rita, KC8RSX Penny, KC8HYB Jack, KC8NCI Dave, KC8NIC Bob,
KB8PPE Andy, KC8STM Dale, W8YV Rich, N8HDT Don, N8RRZ Eric,
KC8RSW Jordan, KC8QWN Lou, N8PUM Brandon, KC8DTE Coral, KB8RJX Jim,
KB8RJV Bruce, WB8IEH Jim, N8WBI Claire, NH6CN Jim, KC8BAK Fred,
KB8PEL Don, KE8IL Mike, KC8PYD Don, KC8PKH Lowell
Ontonagon County
Volunteers from the L.P.
Jackson County
KI8C Richard, N8MMD Thomas
Volunteers from out of state
KB9ZES Randy from Pembine, WI and KA9TCH Kevin from Olney, IL
We are always looking for amateur radio operators to help with the races, so if you've never helped out before and are from near or afar and will be in the area February 14,15, and 16, 2003 and want to help out drop an email to Greg, KI8AF.  You'll be part of a great public service event and have a fabulous time to boot.


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