From the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the South Shore of Lake Superior ~ Station K 8 L O D
Project Nite

Here are a few of the hams that show up for the weekly project nite that is held each Wednesday through most of the winter months.  While most of the projects seem to be of QRP in nature anything related to ham radio may be on the construction bench.  Any local hams or others interested in ham radio are more than welcome to join in.

Now was that 28 or 29 turns to this toroid. Bill, N8NRG contemplating, what he's doing. Is he disguising his K2 contruction techniques? Wait until that electronic fox is built. Rich, N8GBA enjoying a stick match.

Slow down Bill, the K2 wasn't meant to be built in a day. John, N8RSE busy as a beaver, like always. We can only guess that he is working on his K2 and doesn't want Bill, N8NRG to get a look at his progress.
Don, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, a ham operator I am. Don, KC8PYD giving thanks.

(L to R) N8RSE, KG8YT, N8PKN  

(L to R) N8PKN, N8RSE, KG8YT


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