K7YO 1.2 Ghz operations - 1296.1 Mhz

The 24 ring looper yagi array fed in phase with an odd 1/4 wavelength of 1/4" Superflex 75 ohm.coax. 

The 0.7 db DEMI preamp with 1/2" hardline and low loss coax relays.  The FT-736 really needs this to hear the weak ones.

The twin 7289 tube, water-cooled, 1296 Mhz amp that I hope to get going someday.  Got spare tubes, anyway!

A coffee can antenna I built for 1296 Mhz.  This works and matches well; probably with about 10 dbi gain. Someday I plan to mount it as a feed inside a 10 foot TVRO parabolic dish. 

Also shown is a Philco/Sierra SWR/Wattmeter with 200-1000Mhz slug.  These and the Struthers AN/URM-120A are a real bargain.  The US Gov. paid $1700 for them!

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