K7YO VHF/UHF Equipment  


VHF/UHF Equipment -  all Yaesu in 2007

Yaesu FT-920 Transceiver

 FT-920 Specifications

ARRL expanded test report - FT-920

This is my main rig on 50 Mhz as well as HF

Finally a modern six meter AM rig! Does not plug into wall outlet, needs INRAD 2.1 Khz filter, tiny squelch knob, otherwise I'm pretty satisfied. 



Yaesu FT-736R


FT-736 docs and info

This is the only way to go if you want SSB/CW on 144, 222, 432, and 1296 Mhz  all in one box.

Plugs into wall as well as 12VDC, has good speech compressor, needs help on 144/222 receiver front ends.


Icom IC-551

Still got one but now it's my backup/mobile rig for 50 Mhz.