Allan Taylor K7GT

Pleasanton CA


          Tentec OmniVI and Hercules II (two systems for SO2R), 

    Tentec Corsair II and Titan,  Tentec Tentec Argonaut V

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Callsign servers: QRZ ... WM7D... AC6V...K4UTE...Buckmaster
SM3CER Contest Page . . . NCDXF links
DX Summit... Solar terrestial Activity
NJ QRP links ...NorCal QRP Club
Operating awards and current March 27, 2004

DXCC (40/CW) and WAZ (CW #286)

DXCC tally (all bands/CW) : 257 worked , 233 confirmed

DXCC tally (40CW): 178 worked , 156 confirmed

(Last new one worked on 40m CW: 3B9C, Rodrigues Island, March 2004

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Since you have made it this far, take a look at these!!

Some photos from around the mountains of Western USA

near Mt Ansel Adams, Yosemite CA ~ 9600'
near Red Peak Pass, Yosemite CA elev ~ 10000'
Triple Peak Fork, Yosemite CA elev 9300'
Lake Reflection, Kings Canyon CA elev 10010'
Middle Kaweah River canyon, CA elev ~8600'
Field operating, Bearpaw Meadows CA elev 8500'

Emerald Lake, Mt Timpanogas UT elev 10350'
Naturalist Basin, High Uintas UT elev 10620'
at Atwine Lake, HighpellE>elev ~ 9600'
at Buckskin Pass, near Aspen CO elev 12450'
GT at the helm, Lake of the Woods OR elev 4950'
Field operating, Yosemite fall 1998, elev 8300