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TYPICAL FREQUENCIES OF OPERATION: 3845, 7171, 14227, 14230, 18120, 21340, 21345, 28680, and 50680 khz

NARROW-SLOW SCAN (n-SLOW SCAN) is done on 10132, 18117, and 24927 khz (North America). WARNING: Normal SLOW SCAN modes such as SCOTTY1, MARTIN1, etc, are NOT authorized on WARC bands due to their bandwidth! Only use those SLOW SCAN modes denoted with -N, which denotes NARROW. See below for details on n-SLOW SCAN. All frequencies are USB.

K7EK is located in Radcliff, KY, USA (EM77at)

At times I operate a Simplex SLOW SCAN Repeater on 28.680 mhz USB. To access my repeater, transmit a 1750 hertz tone for approximately 3 seconds, unkey, listen for a CW response, and then transmit your picture. Whatever you transmit shortly after the CW response to your tone will be retransmitted on the same mode. Be advised that there are other SLOW SCAN Simplex Repeaters on 28.680 that respond to various tones. This can be a neat way to check the quality of propagation, check your slant, check your signal quality, test various SLOW SCAN modes, etc. My Simplex SLOW SCAN Repeater is not currently on 24/7/365. I do hope to make it so in the future. Additionally, I am planning a Simplex SLOW SCAN Repeater on 145.50 mhz FM to serve the Greater Louisville/Radcliff, Kentucky Area. I may conceivably link 145.50 to 28.680, thus allowing local and distant stations to exchange pics. With the current state of ten meters and the loss of several rigs due to lightning, my time on 28.680 mhz will be limited for the time being. Check the band banner on the top of this page for my current band of operation. K7EK Simplex SLOW SCAN Repeater will transmit a beacon picture every fifteen minutes when active. Enjoy!

20 meters got you down? Too crowded? Experiencing too many rude and inconsiderate lids that should go back to ham radio school? Why not try something new and give 20m SLOW SCAN a rest? Please check out NARROW-SLOW SCAN (n-SLOW SCAN)! Detailed information: https://narrowsstv.wordpress.com/


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