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Please check out K7EK's Analog SSTV Images
Alternatively, have a look at the Latest EZPix Images Received at K7EK

Please check out the W7JD-1 DX Cluster Node at, PORT 9000
Access W7JD-1 via telnet in your amateur radio logging or other software. PLEASE share this information with your friends!

K7EK also operates a CW Skimmer in support of DX Node W7JD-1 and the Reverse Beacon Network, or RBN:
Feel free to link to my CW Skimmer at PORT 7301.

Please join us on packet radio (IL2P) in North Central Kentucky. Your ordinary TNC will not work on our network.
It runs a derivative of AX.25 called IL2P. The two are not compatible. You require something like a NinoTNC, which
is easy to acquire as well as inexpensive. Google TARPN IL2P. I operate a Terrestrial Amateur Radio Packet Network
(TARPN) system, currently on 144.91 mhz at 1200 baud. Connect to my K7EK-9 Chat Node, K7EK-1 BBS, or K7EK-2 Netrom
Node. The Chat Node can be particularly compelling. It can serve as an over the air orderwire system in its service
area, keeping member stations in contact. Another possibility is that one could conduct formal nets on the chat node.
The possibilities are endless, only limited by one's imagination. Please check out TARPN for explicit details.
Please pay close attention to Specifics about TARPN.

My TARPN system moved from 145.01 to 144.91 mhz on 1 JAN 2022. Hopefully this will remain a quiet/unused frequency,
away from the chaos and uncontrolled mess that exists on today's mainstream packet channels. Please note that TARPN is
pure RF. No internet support. This is NOT Winlink or APRS or similar...

Email Gary, K7EK

Contact me via VOIP telephone using HamShack Hotline: ext 50407.

If you are in the Greater Louisville Area, you may find me on 146.52 or 145.625 FM simplex. I promote simplex operation from
home stations, leaving repeaters for their intended purpose, extending the range of mobile/portable/handheld communications.

North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC)

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