Distance Scoreboard
for PNWVHFS Members

(Only for QSOs made on or after 01/01/2003. At least one station must be a member of PNWVHFS and be located in the PNWVHFS area at time of contact. For purposes of the Distance Scoreboard only, the PNWVHFS area is defined as the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho and Montana west of the Continental Divide and the province of British Columbia.)
See rules for record claim submission at bottom of page

Official North American claimed distance records are maintained by the
ARRL at http://www.arrl.org/distance-records

Click here to go to the Established Records page, where there are easy-to-read tables showing record distances per mode for each band.

Band Operators Emission Mode Date UTC Distance Propagation Comments
50MHz K7CW (CN87lj)
VE7IG (CO82xd)
CW 09/02/2008 533 km Tropo
50MHz K7CW (CN87lj)
KC7GLR (DN12hw)
SSB 06/10/2008 665 km Tropo
50MHz K7CW (CN87lj)
K7VK/P (DN25tr)
Digital 09/28/2009 687.64 km Tropo
50MHz N7DB (CN85uk)
KL7FF (CO35rq)
CW 06/09/2008 1347 km Meteor Scatter (K7CW op at KL7FF)
50MHz WB6FFC (CN82ol)
KL7FF (CO35rq)
SSB 06/09/2008 1628 km Meteor Scatter (K7CW op at KL7FF)
50MHz N7MWV (CN86lt)
W9XX (EN63bl)
Digital 12/13/2020 2764.952 km Meteor Scatter
50MHz VE7DAY (CO70ia)
K1TOL (FN44vg)
CW 07/15/2012 4118.62 km Aurora
50MHz K3UHF (CN86IF)
K1TOL (FN44vg)
SSB 5/15/2005 4090 km Aurora
50MHz VE7DAY (CO70ia)
K7CW (CN87lj)
Digital 5/28/2022 336.7 km Aurora FT8 decodes of Au hiss
50MHz VE7DAY (CO70ia)
VE1PZ (FN85qr)
CW 28/05/2017 4559.97 km Auroral E
50MHz W7CE (CN78xb)
WX2T (FN41jp)
SSB 05/31/2010 4070.98 km Auroral E
50MHz W7CE (CN78xb)
WA3LBI (FN20ji)
Digital 05/31/2010 3836.2 km Auroral-E
50MHz W7EME (CN72xx)
SU1SK (KM50pc)
CW 06/20/2010 11507.77km ES
50MHz W7MEM (DN17nt)
YO3AIS (KN34aj)
SSB 03/07/2010 9138 km ES
50MHz K7CW (CN87lj)
YB2DX (OI52kw)
Digital 05/03/2021 13242 km ES
50MHz VE7DAY (CO70ia)
ZL4PW (RE54lv)
CW 12/31/2014 12233.55 km F2
50MHz VE7DAY (CO70ia)
ZL3RC (RE66fl)
SSB 12/31/2014 12021.17 km F2
50MHz K0JJ (CN85ns)
ZD7BG (IH74da)
Digital 11/17/2023 13369.28 km F2
50MHz W7GJ (DN27ub)
3B8/ZS4TX (LG89sx)
Digital 12/31/2016 16907.1 km EME
50MHz W7IUV (DN07dg)
KR7O (DM07ba)
Digital 09/09/2006 1139 km Ionoscatter
144MHz K7CW (CN97qg)
W6MMM (CM89sc)
CW 06/15/2003 919.4 km Tropo (N7EPD op at K7CW)
144MHz W7MEM (DN17nt)
K6EL (CM99br)
Digital 06/06/2010 983.9 km Tropo
144MHz VE7DXG/P (CN79bc)
W6OMF (CM98ak)
CW 8/5/2003 1229 km Tropo PC
144MHz VE7DXG/P (CN79bc)
WA6KLK (CM89hi)
SSB 8/5/2003 1104 km Tropo PC
144MHz KB7DQH (CN77va)
KH6HME (BK29go)
SSB 6/26/2006 4158 km Tropo P
144MHz K7CW (CN87lj)
W6OUU (DN22sn)
CW 12/14/2006 862 km Meteor Scatter
144MHz WB6FFC (CN82pl)
N5RZ (DM91aw)
SSB 06/9/2013 2167.5 km Meteor Scatter
144MHz W7IUV (DN07dg)
K2DRH (EN41vr)
Digital 8/13/2008 2403 km Meteor Scatter
144MHz W7IUV (DN07dg)
N0KQY (DM98gd)
CW 08/11/2004 1775 km Aurora
144MHz NU7Z (CN87ts)
W9RPM (EN43jt)
- 10/10/2003 2446 km Auroral E (NORTH AMERICAN RECORD)
144MHz K7CW (CN87lj)
W7CI (DM41un)
CW 07/14/2007 2066 km ES
144MHz N7MWV (CN86lt)
K5IM (EM20fj)
SSB 07/01/2017 2980.92 km ES
144MHz K7KQA (DN06gg)
N4OGW (EM53nk)
Digital 06/11/2023 2951 km ES
144MHz ZS6ALE (KG46rc)
W7MEM (DN17nt)
CW 04/03/2001 16030 km EME
144MHz W7CE (CN87oa)
ZS2GK (KF47kt)
Digital 09/27/2008 17106.86 km EME
222MHz NJ7A (DN30xp)
W7MEM (DN17nt)
CW 05/30/2003 884.6 km Tropo
222MHz WA6KLK (CM89hi)
K6IBY (DM13bp)
SSB 09/30/2003 802.2 km Tropo
222MHz VE7DXG/P (CN79xe)
K7MAC (DN13sn)
Digital 08/11/2009 853 km Tropo
222MHz W7MEM (DN17nr)
Digital 11/22/2015 1933 km Meteor Scatter
222MHz N7EPD (CN87rf)
K7XC (DM09ol)
CW 7/27/2004 912.8 km Aurora
222MHz K7CW (CN97qg)
KA7BGR (CN82nk)
SSB 08/12/2005 537.5 km Aurora (K7WA op at K7CW)
222MHz W7YOZ (CN87ng)
AA7A (DM43ao)
CW 6/17/2003 1775 km ES
222MHz KB7DQH (CN87qm)
AA7A (DM43ao)
SSB 06/16/2003 1732.8 km ES
222MHz W7MEM (DN17nr)
N9HF (EL99jf)
Digital 10/17/2015 3677 km EME
432MHz VA7ISL (CN88bv)
KB7ME (CN92wh)
CW 09/11/2010 787.8 km Tropo (VE7DXG op at VA7ISL)
432MHz W7PUA (CN84io)
WB6NTL (CM98jj)
SSB 02/04/2003 711.0 km Tropo
432MHz VA7ISL (CN88bv)
W7AMI (DN13vo)
Digital 06/13/2010 832 km Tropo (VE7DXG op at VA7ISL)
432MHz W7AMI (DN13vo)
VE7BBG (CN88dt)
CW 06/12/2005 820.38 km Aurora
432MHz VK3UM (QF22ro)
KJ7F (DN13vo)
CW 10/19/2003 13346.5 km EME
432MHz W7MEM (DN17mr)
FR5DN (LG78ss)
Digital 10/10/2019 16986 km EME
903MHz KI7JA (CN85rl)
KB7DQH (CN98bb)
CW 08/05/2006 288 km Tropo
1296MHz WA6KLK (CM89hi)
K6TSK (DM03xt)
CW 07/12/2006 775.99 km Tropo
1296MHz K7HPT (DN16ju)
K7YO (CN85ns)
SSB 01/08/2009 454 km Tropo
1296MHz W7MEM (DN17nr)
LU8ENU (GF05rl)
Digital 08/16/2015 10831 km EME
2304MHz K7CW (CN97qg)
VA7ISL (CN88bv)
CW 06/12/2005 302.1 km Tropo (KB7DQH op at K7CW)
(W7DHC op at VA7ISL)
2304MHz K7ATN (CN95cw)
KE7MSU/R (CN84eg)
SSB 08/01/2020 234.6 km LOS
3456MHz W7HDD (CN97sg)
N7EPD (CN87lo)
CW 08/05/2006 203.18 km Tropo
3456MHz KD7TS (CN87ms)
W7HDD (CN97qg)
SSB 08/02/2003 184.3 Tropo
5760MHz W7HDD (CN97sg)
N7EPD (CN87lo)
CW 08/05/2006 203.18 km Tropo
5760MHz W7HDD (CN97sg)
N7EPD (CN87lo)
SSB 08/05/2006 203.18 km Tropo
5760MHz W7YOZ (CN87ng)
KD7TS (CN87aw)
SSB 08/06/2005 79 km LOS
10.368GHz W7PUA (CN84io)
KD7TS (CN87ui)
CW 01/30/2003 318.58 km Tropo
10.368GHz W7PUA (CN84io)
KD7TS (CN87ui)
SSB 5/18/2004 318.58 km Tropo
10.368GHz W7GLF (CN87vr)
W7LHL (CN87ua)
CW 02/17/2003 79.02 km Rain Scatter
24.192GHz NU7Z (CN87ms)
KD7TS (CN96aw)
SSB 10/04/2003 119.6 km Tropo
24.192GHz KD7TS (CN87ui)
W7SZ (CN85uo)
CW 09/28/2007 199.8 km Rain Scatter
24.192GHz KD7TS (CN87ui)
W7SZ (CN85uo)
SSB 09/28/2007 199.8 km Rain Scatter
47GHz NU7Z (CN87ms)
KD7TS (CN96aw)
SSB 10/04/2003 119.6 km Tropo
122GHz W7GLF (CN87vi24ci)
AG6QV (CN87vi20ch)
CW 09/17/2023 1.9 km LOS FSK CW
458 THz
Deep Red Light
VE7SL (CN88iu)
VE7CA/7 (CN89ki)
CW 12/03/2013 54 km LOS 655 nm LED
Red Light VE7DDR (CN88dw)
VE7DXG (CN88cx)
PWM 09/28/2003 7.66 km LOS LASER

Submit your Society DX record claim by sending an E-mail message to the PNWVHF Society reflector.
Include the following information:

1. Frequency
2. Your station callsign and 6 character grid locator
3. Other station callsign and 6 character grid locator
4. Emission Mode (CW, SSB or Digital only)
5. Date
6. Distance in Kilometers
7. Propagation mode (Tropo, Tropo PC, Tropo P, Aurora, Auroral E, F2, ES, FAI, EME, Meteor Scatter, Ionospheric Scatter, Rain Scatter, Airplane Scatter or LOS only)
(Tropo=Tropospheric propagation over land. Ground wave contacts will be included in this category; Tropo PC=Tropo along Pacific Coast where a large part of the path is over the Pacific Ocean; Tropo P=Path between West Coast and Hawaii or other non-continental target in the Pacific Ocean; F2 includes contacts with links to F2 and TEP [Trans-Equatorial Propagation] via other modes such as ES and Aurora) .

Note: A quick distance and bearing calculator is provided by N0UK here.

Another Note: I might be convinced to make exceptions to items 4 and 7 above on an individual basis. After all, this is for fun. For instance, if you were to contact someone 600 miles away using 1296 MHz Amateur TV, it would certainly be noteworthy. Also, some claims may already have been in place under previous rules and I have elected to keep them for various good reasons of my own.

Final (for now) Note: This page is for members of the Pacific Northwest VHF Society, but it is no longer a function of the Society. If you see something that needs to be corrected or if you have a suggestion, please direct it to me, not to an officer of the Society. Have fun.
Paul, K7CW

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