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Meet the YK9A Ops

Carl, K9LA

Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA - Contesting and DXing since late 1970s.  First licensed in 1961.  Winning contest efforts:
bulletV2AMK (with K9DX, K9MK, N9PI) ARRL DX World m/m CW 1982
bulletK9LA/V2A ARRL 10m First Place DX CW 1982
bulletZF2AY ARRL DX World 21MHz CW 1985
bulletK9LA ARRL DX W/VE 28MHz CW 1987
bulletZF1A (with K1TO,K9MK,W5ASP) CQ WW World m/s CW 1997

DXCC Honor Roll, 5BDXCC.  Has operated as K9LA/V2A, K9LA/KH6, VK4AVV,
ZF2AY (1985-1996), ZF2LA (1997-present).

Vicky, AE9YL

Vicky Luetzelschwab AE9YL - Newcomer to contesting and DXing.  First licensed in 1987 as Tech Plus.  Upgraded to 13wpm General in March 2000.  Upgraded to Extra in April 2000.  Active in recent ARRL 10m Contest, CQ WW SSB Contest, and as ZF2YL in November 2000.

Al, K7AR

Al Rovner, K7AR - A veteran of many contest trips to the Caribbean, Europe, the Pacific and Asia.  Al holds Top Of The Honor Roll - 1 (North Korea).    Al has held various callsigns from GU, 4U1ITU (op), VP5VEU, VP2V/K7AR, YK0A (op), SV5/K7AR, K7AR/C6A, ZF2RA and 9M6ERT.

Bob, W4DR

Bob Eshleman, W4DR - #1 5BDXCC (now 9BDXCC) 5BWAZ with single band WAZ's on 30, 17 and 12 and WAZ 39 on 160.  50Mhz DXCC, WAC, WAS and VUCC 775.  Dxpeditions:
KC4AB Navassa, EA9EJ (first American permitted to operate from Rio de Oro),  K4IA/KC4 Navassa (one of the first "mega" dxpeditions, VP5JEX.

Rosalie, N4CFL

Rosalie Eshleman, N4CFL - Honor Roll DXCC phone, VP5JEX dxpedition, operator at W4DR's MM

Dick, N7RO

Dick Moen, N7RO - Dick is an experienced DXer and Contester, having operated from 8P6DM, VP2GBG, FM0IX, VP2LAM, ZK1RRO and ZK1XXP.  Dicks holds DXCC Top of the Honor Roll - 1 (North Korea).  Dick is well known for his QSL service which he recently retired from.
Lee Sawkins, VE7CC - Here is Lee at the YK9A site.  Lee has a ton of DX and contest experience from VE6 and VE7 lands.  Lee operated the bulk of the QSOs from YK9A with 8800 some QSOs.

Jim, W4PRO

Jim Wise, W4PRO - Jim is also an experienced DXer and Contester, and operated from VP2MDX, FG0CXV/FS, CE0/W4PRO, VP5W and SV5/W4PRO.  Jim holds DXCC Honor Roll, 5BDXCC, and DXCC / WAS for 160 Meters.